September 2, 2010

Season Opening Win

For the first time in several years the Oberlin College men's soccer team opened the season away from home. The team traveled to Albion, Mich. to take on the Albion College Britons. The team's objective was to treat the match as a business trip... get there, establish our style of play, get the win and return to Oberlin to prepare for a three game home stand. As the team unloaded from the bus the temperature was a bit warm and the air heavy. As the boys were halfway through their warm-up it began to rain, we experience on again off again heavy rain throughout the contest. The starting 11 found good rhythm and time on the ball to create good chances early. Sophomore forward Justin Griffiths turned on the top of the penalty box after receiving a fine entry pass from Oliver Miller-Farrell and buried the shot at the far post in the side netting. The team produced a few other moments of brilliance that came up just a bit short in the first half. The team endured an energetic spell from the Albion team through the first 20 minutes of the second half before finding the majority of possession through the final whistle.

"It was a good first effort by the team. We were a bit short handed due to a few injuries and a couple of first-year players who remained on campus to take placement exams. The combination play between our front players is really starting to come together and last night it resulted in a beautiful goal by JGriff," commented Associate Head Coach Wes Davis.

Enjoy the video footage of the first goal of the 2010 season. If you are unable to make it to a home contest in Oberlin be sure to watch all home matches streaming live at .

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